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February, 2013:

A tour through Abu Dhabi

Hello everyone, now, that i found some time to get around my thousands of pictures, I will wrap up the hole story from the beginning.

This time, its our first “touristic” visit to Abu Dhai, we made a Big Bus Tour throughout the whole city including the Big Mosque and the Emirates Palace. The later one we will visit again, than from the inside too.
Enough writing, not much more to add, here are my impressions of this amazing, crazy, beautiful rotten city.

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Welcome to the Orient!

Welcome back on the ship!This time, we start in a whole new area, the middle east. Its already been 4 weeks now since I arrived with a 30 hour day in Dubai, aprox. two weeks later I found the time to get of the ship the first time, and it was Dubai.

So how is Dubai? Hm, its just like in the TV, just bigger and even more richer. We went to the Dubai Mall, the biggest Mall in the World (the term “the biggest” will accompany us now more often). Its simply amazing and shocking how big it really is. And besides that, just around the corner is another “biggest” thing, namely the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa. It its so high, that you almost cannot distinguish the the uppermost windows. And, its quite tricky to get it on a picture the full length… that produces quite funny moments, when people try that and get a person on it too.

Just in front of the Mall and the Khalifa is a big fountain, which is surrounded by the Mall and another, more classical oriental style Souq (Market). We decided to just do a walk around the fountain, which took already one hour (photo-stops included). During this walk, we were able to see the fountain-play, which is simply amazing. A really nice show with music and the fountains are synched to the music. wow. At night this show will be also illuminated, unfortunately, I never will be able to see it, because I always have to be back on the ship for show preparations.

But I hope, that the photographs you see down here will give you a view, how it was, walking between the tallest building and the biggest shopping mall. After this walkabout, I took a taxi and went back to our mighty ship.

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First visit to Oman

so well, Dubai was impressive, but it was not “the” orient…
“the” orient can be found in Mascat, Oman. There you will find a nice Souk, little alleys and very friendly people, surrounded by a landscape that looks like the mars. or something like that. If you are interested in geology, Oman is the place to be. But just look at the pictures 🙂

And the water… Our stay on the beach of the Oman Dive Center ended with a short moment of panic, because the one and only road leading to the beach was closed due to a bike-tour. this was not so nice, because we had to go back on the ship in time and we had no time left… this was the moment of light panic, but than we had the idea to rent one of the boats they use for the diving tours. Luckily, the women in charge was speaking Italian and one of our italien dancer was a diver too, so they had a quick conversation together with the owner of the boat and off we went. to the pier. and not further. because, the tide was low and the boat was on sand. yeeha.

But we tried our best and with a lot of screaming and pulling we got the boat loose and we had a high speed trip back to the ship. Adventure adventure!

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