Month: June 2012

  • Invergordon Part II

    still in scotland, again a second visit to a city. in the citys i have been the second time there was not much difference to the first visit. this time there was something to see that was not so nice. just look at the pictures and watch out for the differnece. here you can find […]

  • Edingburgh the 2nd

    Ok, long time passed since the last post, sorry for that. but you know, shiplife can be demanding 😉 nevertheless, we arrived in europe some time ago already now. dont worry, there will be some more  posts with pictures from the caribean and mediterrainian, stay tuned! but now, lets head north to scotland to the […]

  • Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

    so this is the top end of brittain. nice. neet. oooold 🙂 it was just a short stay, most of the time we spend on the graveyard and in the church of the 15th century asap… Related Images: