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First Call to Antalya

After finally leaving the African Continent and one seaday, we arrived on the next Continent, Asia! Ok, just quite geographically seen, but Antalya resides on the Asian Continent.

Antalya will be our Embarcation-Port for the next few cruises, so we headed to the city center to see what we could do. The first thing was, of course, a long shuttle ride from outside Antalya to the city center. Arrived there, we walked around a bit without any plan, like we always do… As we didn’t hat much time, we just had a short peek in the old city of Antalya and then a really really expensive and really really not so good cappuccino with wi-fi. good start, Antalya…

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Journey to the past

Today we had one of those famous crew-tours again. This time, we went to an old old town, in this part of the holy land, which is today known as Jordan.
The city we visited was (and is still called) Petra.

But, as you might know, Petra has no harbor, so we left our mighty ship in Aqaba, right at the border to Israel and took a 2 hours bus ride to Petra. Arrived there, we started our journey through history by foot, which you can follow with the pictures down below (which will probably be less dusty and hot than it was taking the pictures).

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