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Kayaking in the Mangroves of Abu Dhabi

Its time for some water-fun, but this time combined with a bit of sport… we participated once a gain a crew tour, which started a bit chaotic because we arrived a the wrong place, better say the wrong kayaking-company. after a few discussions an confusing phone calls everything worked out and we were ready to board our 2 person kayaks.

and of we went into the mangroves, unfortunately this was only a beginners tour (phew… afterwards I’m glad…), so we didn’t went really into the mangroves, just besides. nevertheless, it was quite amazing. unfortunately, we didn’t get big chances to see the fabulous wildlife of the mangroves, I had only two encounters with wildlife, one was already a wild-dead…

Please excuse the poor resolution and quality of the photos, but because of understandable reasons I left my big baby back on the safe (dry) big ship, so I had to shoot with my two water proof cameras…

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