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Edingburgh the 2nd

Ok, long time passed since the last post, sorry for that. but you know, shiplife can be demanding ­čśë

nevertheless, we arrived in europe some time ago already now. dont worry, there will be some more  posts with pictures from the caribean and mediterrainian, stay tuned!

but now, lets head north to scotland to the beatiful medieaval city of edingburgh. its the second time ive been there, but last time i ┬áhead no good camera with me, dunno why ­čÖé
but enough of typing, lets see some photographs!

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Hello from Tallin, the capital of Estonia.

When you walk in to the city of Tallin, you really do a timetravel back to the time of the Hanze. its just a marvelous nice city, the inner core of the city wasnt much destroyed in the WW2, so theres lot to see! The same day we where in Tallin, there was also a medieval-festival, so that the whole city was full of merchands and music and lots of people.
unfortunately, i had not much time, so i had to hurry back to the ship. but next time, we will give the city another, closer look

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