Tag: Overnight

  • Diner in the Souq Madinat

    Today was a very rare day, because I was out at night! This normally don’t happen, because I have to work almost every evening. But because of lucky circumstances, this evening we showed a movie in the theater which I could semi-automate so I could go out with my friends. We decided to go in…

  • The Dubai Fountain

    As we had every time an overnight in Dubai, so for some people there was the possibility to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai. So did I, but this time I had to work, so I send my camera on a voyage to visit the Fountain-Plays at night. Enjoy!   Related Images:

  • Say hello to Napoleon

    denn wir sind auf corsica angelangt. und zwar nicht irgendwie, sondern direkt mal mit overnight. d.h. wir fahren nicht abends weiter, sondern bleiben die nacht und den tag. das liegt daran, dass wir Nizza nicht anfahren konnten wegen schlechtwetter und somit zu früh in Corsica waren. also gings direkt erstmal abends in die nächste kneipe/disco……