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Abu Dhabi

Last Call for Abu Dhabi

Time flies by, so we already start to leave the middle east. Today we have been the last time in Abu Dhabi, and because we had seen already so much, we just went to the Marina Mall and went up the tower to get one last glance over this city.

But before we left the harbor, we had to pass by the ATM at the terminal. Yea ok, that’s just an ATM, but, on our last visit to Abu Dhabi, we had a quite crashing encounter with the glass-door. Not on purpose of course, but this day was very, very windy and the door was just ripped out of my hands and swung wiiiide open. too much… as you can see on the first picture. Luckily nothing serious happened to us, just a few scratches. But the door was gone…

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A visit to the worlds longest Hotel, the Emirates Palace

Today, we took our second try to get into the famous Emirates Palace, our first try ended at the gate not being let in, because I had worn flip-flops and shorts…

This time, with proper clothing (my female company was wearing hot pants and me with long trousers), we were allowed to enter the holy halls of pure luxury. but only into the lobby of course, which was totally enough luxury as you can see on the pictures below. you could even get a cappuccino with a real gold-topping! (which we had, of course)

The way back was quite a walk, because we had to go to the crew-drop-off point for our crew-shuttle, but the way had a nice view ūüėČ

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A tour through Abu Dhabi

Hello everyone, now, that i found some time to get around my thousands of pictures, I will wrap up the hole story from the beginning.

This time, its our first “touristic” visit to Abu Dhai, we made a Big Bus Tour throughout the whole city including the Big Mosque and the Emirates Palace. The later one we will visit again, than from the inside too.
Enough writing, not much more to add, here are my impressions of this amazing, crazy, beautiful rotten city.

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