St. Petersburg

The first visit to St. Petersburg was a really really, really bad one. It costs me my brand new Canon Eos 5D Mark II, purchased in the sunny St. Maarten. It happend at a bus stop in a big crowd when suddenly i realised that my rucksack was way to light… you can imagine what has happend, russia greeted me with its best side and took my baby.
so this first trip endet after 20mins and I sweared not to return to this *putbadwordhere* city.

But I did, two weeks later I got a brand new Camera, a few hundred bugs more expensive and secured with various safety-measurements applyed to the rucksack and the camerastrap (SniperStrap Steel) and I did a Crew-Tour with a Bus through the city.

So these Photographs are the probably most costly i ever did in the past… enjoy!

BTW, in case you lost a camera, or find a camera, you should give a try!

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