Dubai seen from “On the top” of Burj Khalifa

Today we will go where we went in our first visit to Dubai, but this time we will go up on the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa!

The journey is quite a walk and a bit confusing, because you enter the building in the basement of the Dubai Mall, where you have to start your way through alleys and escalators, getting darker and narrower every turn. After a few stops (with a bit of waiting) we arrived somehow inside the building in front of THE elevator to the top. Everything looks like being in a spaceship, so does the elevator do when we finally entered it and where being shot up on top of the world.

The panorama is just amazing… unfortunately you can not go really on the top of the building, the visitor platform is at the  124. floor, about 452 m, so you still have 376 meters to go, which makes the platform not the highest in the world… not this time, Dubai 🙂

But enough bla bla, enjoy the views! And as a new feauture, you can take a closer look in one of the panoramas, just click on the link, it will open a new window.

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