Category: Middle East

  • Journey to the past

    Today we had one of those famous crew-tours again. This time, we went to an old old town, in this part of the holy land, which is today known as Jordan. The city we visited was (and is still called) Petra. But, as you might know, Petra has no harbor, so we left our mighty […]

  • Diner in the Souq Madinat

    Today was a very rare day, because I was out at night! This normally don’t happen, because I have to work almost every evening. But because of lucky circumstances, this evening we showed a movie in the theater which I could semi-automate so I could go out with my friends. We decided to go in […]

  • Time for some sports… Snowboarding?

    Today, on our almost last call to Dubai, we had a trip to the winter… not really, but for two hours. When you are in Dubai and your missing the snow, you just can visit Ski Dubai and have a ride! You probably already heard of this monstrous ski-facility located downtown Dubai. We did, and […]

  • Last (and personally) first Call for Manama

    Today was a quite interesting day, because after a few month I had my first “first timer” again. We had been every week in Manama, but only a few hours so it didn’t worked out to go into the city and, at least once, we weren’t allowed to because of rumors going on in Manama […]

  • Last Call for Abu Dhabi

    Time flies by, so we already start to leave the middle east. Today we have been the last time in Abu Dhabi, and because we had seen already so much, we just went to the Marina Mall and went up the tower to get one last glance over this city. But before we left the […]

  • The Dubai Fountain

    As we had every time an overnight in Dubai, so for some people there was the possibility to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai. So did I, but this time I had to work, so I send my camera on a voyage to visit the Fountain-Plays at night. Enjoy!   Related Images:

  • A visit to the worlds longest Hotel, the Emirates Palace

    Today, we took our second try to get into the famous Emirates Palace, our first try ended at the gate not being let in, because I had worn flip-flops and shorts… This time, with proper clothing (my female company was wearing hot pants and me with long trousers), we were allowed to enter the holy […]

  • Dubai seen from “On the top” of Burj Khalifa

    Today we will go where we went in our first visit to Dubai, but this time we will go up on the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa! The journey is quite a walk and a bit confusing, because you enter the building in the basement of the Dubai Mall, where you have to start […]

  • Kayaking in the Mangroves of Abu Dhabi

    Its time for some water-fun, but this time combined with a bit of sport… we participated once a gain a crew tour, which started a bit chaotic because we arrived a the wrong place, better say the wrong kayaking-company. after a few discussions an confusing phone calls everything worked out and we were ready to […]

  • Dolphin watching at the coast of Mascat

    After some rather dry trips to the desert etc, this time we joined a crew-excursion to hopefully see some dolphins! We started in Muscat and drove a bit to a marina where we entered our boats, two medium size motorboats, which took us out in open water. And, better than my last try to see […]