Time for some sports… Snowboarding?

Today, on our almost last call to Dubai, we had a trip to the winter… not really, but for two hours. When you are in Dubai and your missing the snow, you just can visit Ski Dubai and have a ride! You probably already heard of this monstrous ski-facility located downtown Dubai. We did, and so we decided to give it a try how it is to snowboard in the middle east.

For me it had a bit of a challenge, because it was the second time I tried snowboarding… I know, totally lame. But I managed to get down somehow, a few times actually. After those two freezing (-5°C) hours full of falling and standing up we went out again into 30°C sunshine and took the famous Dubai automated Subway, which is a really sci-fy thingy, cruising through the skyline of Dubai.


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