After leaving Aqaba, we went from one gulf into another around the corner of the Sinai peninsula, up to Suez!
We arrived there in the night and we had to wait for our convoy to gather, because the suez-canal is a one-way canal. And we were happy to get the convoy during daylight 🙂

So in the morning we started leaving the Gulf of Suez towards the Mediterranean sea leaving our time in the Arabic world behind. Ok not yet completely, we will go to Alexandria, but more or less.
Traveling in the canal is quite unique, because you have two completely different landscapes at once. Port side, the green and populated part of Egypt, Starboard side the desert, scattered with a few roads and pipes. And in the middle, the canal. On the way up towards Port Said, we got some quite amazing views, for example the Al-Ferdan bridge, or the Al-Salam bridge.

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